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Welcome to our website, where you’ll find a wealth of information in the form of newsletter articles, calculators, and research reports.
We hope your visit will help you understand the opportunities and potential rewards that are available when you take a proactive approach to your personal financial situation.

The firm with premises in Tullow Co. Carlow and Dublin provides a range of business support services to various organisations and commercial clients across the country.

What Our Clients Say

“Having had the support of Morgan for many years I can safely say he has provided a fantastic service and it’s reassuring to know that you have the professional knowledge needed for your business.”

“Morgan has been providing accountancy services and general financial advice to the company since December 2007. I have found Morgan to be highly professional, very capable, knowledgeable and thorough. Morgan goes well beyond the call of duty when any requests are made of him. I would highly recommend Morgan highly to anyone looking for accountancy services.”

“Morgan is a professional through and through. Work is always first rate, advice is very sound and he constantly goes out of his way to assist clients with filing obligations, yearly accounts/audits, tax affairs or general financial assistance. Morgan and his colleagues at MJD Accountants are highly recommended and fantastic value for the services they provide.”


  • Google fined ‘record’ €2.42bn for ‘unfair shopping searches’

    June 27, 2017

    The European Commission has fined Google €2.42bn for abusing its dominant market position by giving illegal advantage in search results to its own comparison shopping service.

    The fine is the biggest ever hande ...

  • AIB listing provides the Irish Stock Exchange with the largest IPO in Europe in 2017

    June 27, 2017

    AIB’s listing on the main securities market has provided the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) with the largest IPO in Europe in 2017.
    AIB’s admission to a primary listing on the main securities market follows the sa ...

  • Great recession fears as bankers warn next global crash could arrive ‘with a vengeance’

    June 27, 2017

    A new financial crisis is brewing in the emerging economies and it could hit “with a vengeance”, an influential group of central bankers has warned.
    Emerging markets such as China are showing the same signs th ...

  • Comment: Relaxing deposit rules just not an option, even if it means families must save up €83,000

    June 26, 2017

    We threw it away. Measures introduced two-and-a-half years ago by the Central Bank to curb runaway property inflation were only ever a temporary stop-gap. The aim was to control prices to buy time to enable the State to ...

  • Brexit uncertainty remains our chief economic challenge

    June 26, 2017

    Competitiveness concerns in Dublin, allied with the Brexit risk to rural Ireland, present the greatest risk to the economic outlook, according to a report published this morning.
    The Economic Eye Summer Forecast f ...

  • Rush for mortgages is pushing up prices faster than in boom

    June 26, 2017

    Mortgages are squeezing out cash buyers in large numbers for the first time since the downturn, helping drive house price rises to boom-time levels across swathes of the country.
    Property prices in at least eight ...

  • Brace yourself: health cover costs are going only one way

    June 23, 2017

    Insurance is one of life’s necessary evils with one-way traffic when it comes to premiums. Now the heads of the two biggest health insurers warn that costs could double over the next decade.
    Today’s av ...


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